Make Good is a resource for sustainability in the fashion and apparel industry. Our focus is on responsible innovation, circular strategies, and education, and we are passionate about creating change towards a circular fashion system. We work with designers, brands and retailers to integrate new systems and programs to address social and environmental sustainability that create relevance and impact. 

Transparency and traceability are key action areas for fashion businesses as they strive to connect with an increasingly engaged and values driven customer. With insight into the supply chain, opportunities to create positive impact can be identified and actioned, and communications strategy employed that engages and informs.

How can we work with you?


A strong strategy for embedding sustainability throughout your business is key. We can undertake a baseline assessment and benchmark against industry best practice to design creative and tailored solutions for positive change. We develop strategies to integrate sustainability throughout the supply chain with transparency, communications and education as integral elements.  


The fashion industry is notorious for its use and abuse of our planets raw materials, water, energy and people. To create change, we are building a resource hub of responsibly made materials and trims, which features some of the most sustainable and innovative materials from around the globe. Through our global networks we can connect you with partners that offer sustainable materials to inspire new ways to create and produce.


Our workshops cover the spectrum from Sustainability Fundamentals, to Design Strategies for Circularity, Innovations in Materials, Supply Chain Transparency and Strategic Communications. We are focussed on supporting brands, industry professionals and students to embed innovation and responsibility throughout the product life cycle from design through to end of life and beyond.


With growing resource scarcity and increasing volumes of waste, its imperative that the clothing industry must move towards a circular system to remain viable. Both in the eyes of customers and to continue to have feedstock to make new products. By developing a framework on how to move to a circular economy, we can guide on moving away from the current linear models towards circular ones, just like nature’s own eco system. This includes everything from how you design, develop and produce your products to changing your business models and ensuring clothes are kept at their optimal value for as long as possible.

Product design, performance and stewardship are key considerations when working towards a more circular fashion system. By mapping the life cycle of your product, social and environmental impacts can be honed in on and macro systems and partnership established to facilitate circularity. As a brand, ask yourself: How can what I produce be used more, and once its stopped being used how can it be recovered and reused?


Moving towards a circular system is an exciting opportunity for trail-blazing brands and we are passionate about helping you work to achieve these goals. 



  • Strategy development

  • Benchmarking and trend analysis

  • Research and reports

  • Strategic partnerships

  • Circular fashion & design strategies


  • ​Supply chain transparency & traceability

  • Responsible procurement guides

  • Materials reports

  • Sourcing sustainable materials 

  • Sustainable collection development


  • Communications strategy

  • Sustainability content and writing

  • Stakeholder engagement

  • Creative concept development

  • Activations and events

  • Collaborations & partnerships

We can develop tailored programmes to drive positive social and environmental change in a way that is sustainable, celebrating the progressive steps companies take on their pathway to being a responsible business. How can we work with you?

MAKE.GOOD is a sustainability and innovation consultancy for the fashion industry. 


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