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The March issue of Vogue Australia is guest edited by Emma Watson and dedicated to sustainability and positive change.

“This issue is an opportunity for Vogue to highlight all the positive work and impact that so many extraordinary trailblazers are already having on our environment — changing our thinking and behaviours in the process."

Fashion District, launched last week, is a hub for fashion innovation in East London, formed to unite industry, business, education, and the public sector to speed up investment. With technology expected to disrupt and transform the global fashion industry, it will incubate new companies, business models and support for innovation in products and services.


It is hoped the Fashion District will generate more than 15,000 new jobs, and return world-leading fashion manufacturing and design to the area. Launched at Christopher Raeburn's East London studio, he said "The initiative is a real opportunity to set East London as a hub of fashion technology. Training and mentorship programs will be provided alongside 32 new studios and workshops."


Frances Corner, Chair of Fashion District and Head of London College of Fashion (UAL), said "The story of fashion is the story of technology. London needs to act now to stay at the centre of fashion-tech, which is re-shaping the fashion industry worldwide. The studios at THE TRAMPERY FISH ISLAND VILLAGE LTD are a real opportunity for talented designers to flourish inspired by the creativity of Hackney Wick."

The Fashion District has high hopes. It will reposition London’s fashion sector as a creatively-led digital manufacturing centre. The cluster will be at the heart of the UK’s knowledge economy, focusing on its strengths in generating intellectual property. It will be a destination for investment in UK fashion business. It will incubate new companies, business models and support for innovation in products and services. It will attract global talent, catalyse production corridors across East London and the Upper Lea Valley, and drive growth in regional textiles manufacturing.

In a world first, Vogue Australia has appointed a Sustainability Editor, Clare Press, author of Wardrobe Crisis.
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